Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blogging Not for Dummies

Us bloggers live in our own little world as not everyone out there knows we exist. My husband actually created my blogging world since he is the one who bought me my first book about blogging. Now, three blogs later, and two more in the works, he jokingly says he wishes he never bought me that book.

So when I told him I had to visit a bunch of local bloggers yesterday in St Paul, he just said "Have Fun!". Blogging has let me meet a lot of interesting people on line, including other real estate agents in states across the country. For a Realtor, having trusting people you can refer clients to, should the need arise, is essential to a sound business plan.

The Blog Tour hit St Paul yesterday and brought out the top local bloggers. It was nice to finally meet everyone in person, as some I have been speaking with on-line for a couple months. If you get the time, check out some other Minneapolis and St Paul bloggers who are making an impact on the blogosphere:


Jake said...

Jennifer - great meeting you at the event. Looking forward to following all of your blogs.

Jennifer Kirby said...

Jake - ditto. Ya know I just love your little character icon. He makes me chuckle everytime I see him. :) Keep up the good work and see you soon in bloggerville.