Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Photos around the Yard


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures. If you ever decide to retire from real estate, you should think about a career as a photographer.

How did you embed the slide show in the blog? Is it a plug-in or just some code?

Jennifer Kirby said...

Thanks Scott. I guess photography is in my dad was one and I remember him having a camera where ever we went. Now I do the same. My mother-in-law is always complaining how I am never in any of the photos. :)

As for the slide show, has a great tool for these shows. It also gives you html code which you can put into the blog post for any blogging platform or website. All you have to do is decide on how you want to present the photos.

Lee said...

Yes, the love, and the appreciation of Photography IS in your blood (both sides). However, the ability to capture, in one brief moment, the beauty of what only your eyes an art, and a talent that only a few souls have been able to magically master.
What a blessing!

I suggest you seriously consider creating a Portfolio of these amazing photographs and those still to be taken. It is your destiny!

Oh, by the way...this is your Mom.
So proud of you! Love you much...

Jennifer Kirby said...

Geez, I am slightly embarrased Mom. Thanks for being a loyal reader. :)