Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Photo Post Series Asks, What is It?

Ok, so my readers know I love to take photos. I have to say that most, not all, but most of the photos on my blogs have been taken by me. As I was going through a picture to post today, an idea popped into my head. How about posting photos were it isn't obvious what the photo is of, and then let your readers guess?

So here you go, the first one of the series, What is It?


Real Estate Web Design said...

Looks like a cobble stone road or an aerial picture of earth from space.

Stapeliad said...

I'm guessing ice.

Very pretty, very abstract. Would make a great painting.


Jennifer Kirby said...

The Answer Is: The photo is a months worth of ice melt, being re-frozen each night by our cold temps. It is, in a way, a small cobblestone path of frozen water. Very beautiful in the sunlight.

Lake Mary Homes For Sale said...

Wow must be pretty slippery and kinda dangerous to walk on. It is kinda mystal looking!

Jennifer Kirby said...

Karen - I actually slipped on ice just beneath some snow near where this photo was taken. Almost tore my rotater cuff in my shoulder.